Ten Downing

10 downing’s private banquet room is secluded from, and adjacent to the main restaurant’s rooftop terrace. This luxurious are can be personalized to suit any event. Parties have their own private entrance, bar and washrooms.

10 downing’s architect has masterfully sculpted a warm, modern interior, showcased by the large north-facing windows. Upon entering, guests are drawn to the exquisitely etched interior glass door that is subtle, yet dramatic. Another door toward the rear of the room leads out on to the picturesque roof-top terrace. The room is outfitted for all audio visual needs, including drop-down screens and projection systems that can be discreetly attached to laptops, DVD players, and iPods.

A short video of 10 Downing.

For full event details, please download our packet: 10DowningPackage